Is Iron Deficiency Causing Your Hair Loss?

Is Iron Deficiency Causing Your Hair Loss

Losing hair is a natural phenomenon. It has been studied that a healthy human being loses around 100 strands of hair in one day. Also, hair loss increases with age as the hair starts to get thin naturally. But if the hair fall starts to grow at a young age or in a way that you see thick hair strands in the brush or comb, then this situation is alarming. 

There can be many reasons for hair loss. It may be because of improper diet, nutrient deficiency, or certain medical and hereditary conditions. 

Hair does not merely start to come out of the scalp. The process begins when the hair strands get thin. In the short hair loss process, it is essential to find the proper treatment. Self-treatment or wrong measures can damage the scalp making the condition worse. 

The most common reason for the non-hereditary cause of hair loss is iron deficiency and low thyroid function. Although these two are entirely different from each other, they have similar symptoms. It is mostly the reason for hair loss in women as compared to men. 

A simple blood test can diagnose these hair loss symptoms. Adjusting the diet by taking in healthy supplements can slowly stop hair loss. Similarly, replacement of thyroid hormones can prove to be a key in preventing the loss. 

If you feel like you are iron deficient, then getting a recommendation from the doctor is the best option before starting the cure on your own. Maintaining a continuous check-up after regular intervals can help to stop the hair fall and increase the thickness of the hair.

Additionally, getting iron in the form of natural food can be far more beneficial as compared to supplements or drugs, so start eating green vegetables, lentils, and beans to improve hair health.