How to Tell When a Rabbit Loves You

How to Tell When a Rabbit Loves You

Like common pets, rabbits have their methods of communication. They may not roam around you like a dog or head butt you like a cat, but they have adoring methods and loving you. Such several methods are given below.


Rabbit only licks when it is showing a sign of affection. It is a rabbit’s way of saying that he trusts you and has confidence in you. But there are many cases in which a rabbit does not lick at all. Do not consider it negatively, as there are other signs as well. 


Lightly chewing on you means that the rabbit cares for you. It does not hurt or has any adverse effects, so you can try to control and act normal in this situation. 


Just like a lot of other animals, chinning marks the territorial boundary of rabbits. If you feel the chinning of rabbits against you, it means that they are considering you as their own and have a deep affection for you. Since the scent glands are situated below the chin, the chinning leaves a mark of what belongs to the rabbit. 


Binky is a unique way for rabbits to show love to others. When a rabbit moves his legs outwards and changes his physique by turning in an odd way, it acts as an exciting sign of love. The rabbit is showing affection for you if you see him continue doing this around you.

If they bounce a lot and move around you, it means they care for you. 


Rabbit rubbing his nose against you is also a sign of love. Rabbits do it to each other to enjoy and communicate. It is a sign of positive acknowledgment, so make sure to notice it as well.