How to sell your old iPhone

How to sell your old iPhone

Quite a lot of things make going for iOS devices one of the smartest decisions that a mobile phone user can make in the 21st century world of today. The iOS platform has a lot of features that give it that special edge in the highly competitive world of smartphone devices.

Having put that out there, it needs to be said that there are quite a number of good reasons why you might want to sell your iPhone or tab.

One of which is the fact that there is a newer, (and usually much better), Apple product in the market. As the company releases new products fairly regularly, you might find that you want to upgrade to the latest device. By extension, this usually means that your old phone has to go, sadly.

Now, one thing that you might not know is that there is actually a pattern you have to follow, if you want to make sure that you sell your old iPhone the safe, profitable and right way.

Here are the steps to take:

Back Up Your Files

Theirs is nothing quite as painful as selling off your phone only to discover that you haven’t backed up your contacts, pictures or personal information. So, before you even step out to sell your phone, be sure you have backed up all the necessary things.

Format Your Phone

In line with the above, you need to understand that you must have left at least a good portion of your personal details on your phone during the course of your using it. So your new buyer doesn’t inherit this, you need to wipe your phone. Be sure to log out your Apple ID and perform other actions.

Clean Up and Sell

Most iPhone users tend to have stickers on their phone. Be sure to clean all these up. Also, wipe the screen of your phone and make sure that your device is in good shape before you proceed to sell old mobile device.