How to Make Your Birthday Extra Happy in 2019


You deserve nothing but the best during your birthday. One of the best favors that you can give to yourself is to travel and have a break. However, finding the right place to hang out is not an easy task. A lot of online content points to destinations without some sort of assurance.

To help you find the right place, we compiled the best birthday destinations this 2019 that you should check out.

1.Florida. If you live on the west side of the globe, visiting at least one tropical country must be one of your travel goals. You can do this on your birthday without leaving the U.S. Visit Florida or the islands near Hawaii.

2.New York. World-class restaurants, museums, and parks composed the perimeter of New York City. This place is a must to visit during your special day. No worries even if you are a first-timer since a lot of travel agents and guides are lurking in the city.

3.San Diego. This city is known for its fine beaches and magnificent harbors. A lot of world-class hotels are also sprouting in the city. But if you want the most trusted, book now to Pacific Terrace Hotel. The hotel is overlooking San Diego’s white sand beaches that will surely make your birthday extra special.

4.Kentucky. If you want to visit a historic place on your birthday, visit Kentucky. There are lots of hotels in the state of Kentucky, but the Beaumont Inn is undisputed. The old-designed house makes you travel back in times. 

5.New Zealand. Do you want to witness breath-taking landscapes during your birthday? Then, head on to New Zealand. If you are an outdoor person and loves challenges, you can also traverse the country’s breathtaking water canyons.