How To Activate WhatsApp Account Without Mobile Number Verification

How To Activate WhatsApp Account Without Mobile Number Verification

If you’re the average, everyday sociable person, then the chances are very high indeed that if asked to, you would not be able to mention the name of two or three friends of yours that are not on a social media platform like WhatsApp. If that is shocking to you, then we ask that you not be so surprised. The truth of the matter here is that social media and the vast array of tentacles that it has been able to spread so successfully over the years in recent times that now, it would be considered quite abnormal not to have a strong online presence.

Even for people who don’t really do the online thing all too well, you would still be interested to note that they too have WhatsApp accounts. Whether the account sees intensive use or not however remains a different matter entirely.

Why Verify Without Your real Phone Number?

In truth, no rational thing person would think to say that the level of freedom and access to one another that a platform like WhatsApp affords its users is a bad thing in any way. The problem however lies in the fact that the online world has gotten just a bit more dangerous than it used to be. In the old days, it was easy and safe to just go online and dump your information as you see fit. However, in that regard, and a few others, the rules have been changed considerably.

In keeping with the times, if you want to make sure that you and all your personal information stays private the way you want it, you have to take some extra steps to secure and affirm that safety. One such step is not using your original phone number to register on a platform like WhatsApp. But you’re likely wondering, how can I use WhatsApp without my main phone number, especially since you need to undergo a seemingly unshakable two-step verification process to even open an account in the first place? In a few words, we’ll be showing you how to do that with ease in this day and age!

The Best Option – The Virtual Number Technique

This is perhaps the easiest and most reliable technique that you can rely on to get this job done for you in record time. After you have followed all the needed guidelines that you find there and you’ve been supplied with a temporary virtual number, you’re as good as set! The only left for you to do is start the account registration process on WhatsApp from the needed device and when the time comes, use your virtual number for SMS verification. It is literally as easy as that!

The other two options open to use is making use of your landline or leveraging fake messenger apps. However, neither will work as effectively as the option described above. So click here to get your virtual number now!