10 Signs Your Cat Loves You

10 Signs Your Cat Loves You

Cats usually do not show much affection, but that does not mean that they don’t love you. Considering it from an animal’s perspective, some different ways and depictions are generated to show love.

As humans, we have difficulty in understanding them as we are not used to them.

In this article, we have provided ten sign that shows that your cat loves you.


It has been found that a cat considers his owner also a member of their family; therefore, if it licks you to groom, consider it as a sign of love. Most cats lick to clean and groom, which is a sign of affection, so note it as a part of good behavior.


If your cat starts to bite you, it is a positive sign as it means that it is showing affection. Do not react badly or hurtfully when a cat bites as it could confuse the little one. You can try to move her attention to other things in this case.


If a cat slowly blinks at you while staring cutely, it is a sign of love.


It is widespread among cats to mark their territory by head butting and using their chin. If a cat uses the scent gland on their cheeks and head by headbutting you, it means that they have started to consider you as a member of their family.

Generous Gifts

Many cats take their prey to their masters as a gift. It is done to teach them hunting, so if you notice the same habit, consider it affection.

Twitchy Tails

You can learn a lot about the behavior of a cat by seeing its tail. If the tail is held high and his twitching, it means that the cat is positively approaching you.


Cats do not meow to other cats. They use it to talk to humans, so it is a positive sign if your cat does that.


If a cat kneads around you, it is a sign of respect and love, and they only do it with their mother.

Sleeping near the owner

Sleeping near you means that your cat trusts you.

Presenting her behind

Presenting the behind means that a cat is handshaking, so it is also a sign of a good handshake.