10 Birthday-themed Cocktails


Extra special celebrations like birthdays require unique cocktails. Instead of serving regular ones on your birthday, you can actually enjoy one that better suits the occasion. Keep on reading for birthday-themed cocktail recipes you can try the next time you celebrate your special day!

1.    Martini drink with a sprinkled glass rim

A martini is like the more fluid form of a birthday cake. Add sprinkles on your glass rim to make it more colorful.

2.    Whipped cream on your drink

This recipe is the best choice for those who want creamy concoctions. Add a blob of whip cream on top, and you’ll surely love it more.

3.    Cranberry-flavored champagne martini

To add a fruity splash to the celebration, you won’t go wrong with a cranberry champagne martini. The cranberry is flavorful while the champagne is fitting for the festive mood.

4.    Jello shots with a twist

Birthdays are twice the fun with cupcakes! Add more excitement by making cupcake-shaped jello shots.

5.    Bubblegum cocktail

This concoction not only tastes like delicious bubblegum, but it also adds a pop of pink to your colorful birthday party.

6.    Strawberry cheesecake

If you don’t fancy an actual cake on your birthday but still wants to incorporate something “cakey” for the celebration, why not try a cocktail that tastes like strawberry cheesecake?

7.    Chocolate cake cocktail

A treat for chocolate lovers! This martini is cake-themed that comes in chocolate flavor.

8.    Birthday cake shots with pink sprinkles

If you loved the first sprinkle-rimmed recipe but do not fancy downing a full glass, then you’d love these cute little pink birthday shots. 

9.    Vodka cake shots in dark chocolate

This cocktail is a complete treat for you and your guests. It’s vodka with dark chocolate and whipped cream topped with sprinkles.

10.    Strawberry cake shots

This cocktail has a real cake mix as an ingredient. And because it’s strawberry flavored, it comes in pink!