Hello! My name is Jess Townes and I live in a Missouri town that straddles the border of full-blown suburbia and the rural midwest. After a lifetime of moving, I’m slowly embracing the tenderness of creating memories in the same home, year after year, where I dwell with my uke-strumming, amazingly creative husband and our insatiably curious boys. 

I can’t promise you any sort of cohesive content on this blog.  I am interested in so many things -- theater, children’s books, gratitude, minimalism, social justice, science, coffee, education, courage, ukulele, history, knitting, gardening, coffee, traveling, the overuse of the ellipsis...  As much as I wish I had a very tidy vision for this little space on the internet, I don't.  Maybe you'll pop in on a day that I have something really profound to say on the subject of forgiveness or maybe I'll just be sharing the results of a recent BuzzFeed quiz: "Which Character from The NeverEnding Story Are You?"  (Inquiring minds: Bastian)  Case in point....my husband Jason walked in as I was trying to figure out how to upload this blog and our conversation went as follows:

Jason:  What are you doing? 
Me:  I’m starting a blog!
Jason:  A blog?  What is it going to be about?
Me:  I don’t know....this beer that I’m drinking?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 


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