Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rules of Play

Playing games with Ronan while many months pregnant with Liam.   Also, see that Blues Clues notebook?  I cannot count how many hours of my life were spent hiding blue paw prints around my house.

“Mama, I’m a little sick,” moaned Ronan as he bent over the toilet, pantomiming vomit. It was his best attempt at empathy, and just shy of two years old, a pretty good one. He had, after all, spent the last month of his toddler life following me to the bathroom as morning sickness dictated my every move. I briefly worried that I was damaging him for life, constantly vomiting in front of him, then worried that my worry was damaging the baby growing inside of me and decided to shelve all the worrying for the time being.

Please continue reading this piece over at 28 Days of Play ...

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