Saturday, July 4, 2015

Let It Come In Waves

“Mama,” he repeats, over and over, as he presses his body closer to mine. He speaks my name like an inquiry, like he’s trying it out to see if it still fits.

I wonder if the days of “mama” are numbered, if soon I’ll become “mom” to my youngest just as I did to my oldest. I wonder if he senses this too.

I continue reading aloud, running my hand through his wavy hair, remembering the ringlets of his toddlerhood. He has an undercut now, and likes to style the top in a mohawk with blue hair gel. He says he wants a man bun. 

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  1. Jess - This piece just slayed me. So poignant. I wonder where I have put the "Goosebumps" pillow case. From my middle boy's sheet set. I saved it. He loved Goosebumps, but when it was bedtime we had to use a different pillow because he was afraid of it in the dark. That little boy, who always wanted an extra hug at bedtime is 26 now. Let it come in waves ... indeed ...

  2. Oh wow. Thank you for sharing this. My youngest still requires a bedtime song, and every night I wonder when it will be the last.


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